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About Buildafrique™ Investments Offerings

The following is the mission of Buildafrique™ Investments Offerings.

  1. To offer viable and low risk Real Estate investments opportunities to prospective investors, and to provide portfolio management support so as to guarantee value and return on investment.
  2. To bring viable real estate projects to life, by helping Real Estate Developers find support and resources they need to make their investment ideas a reality.

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Buildafrique™ Investments Offerings is a launchpad of Investments and projects ideas for Investors seeking structured investments opportunities and return on investment, and Developers seeking resource funding for real estate projects.

Through this launchpad, Investors are able to access financially viable and low risk real estate investments opportunities that guarantee competitive returns on investment.

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Are you a Developer seeking resource support for your Real Estate idea?

You can submit your idea or project here for technical feasibility review, financial appraisal, and funding review.

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