Buildafrique™ Investments Offerings is a “launchpad” of Investments and projects ideas for Investors seeking structured investments opportunities and return on investment, as well as Developers seeking resource funding for real estate projects.

Through this platform, Investors are able to access financially viable and low risk real estate investments opportunities that guarantee competitive returns on investment.

On the same platform, we are able to offer support for real estate Developers seeking technical expertise and resource funding for their real estate development ideas and projects through our community of Financiers and Investors. The platform works in the following two complementary ways:

Investment Offerings for Investors:

Investment Appraisal Feasibility

All Projects to go through the process of Feasibility studies and Investment Appraisal to determine their technical and financial viability, for decision making and risks management.

Launch for investment interests

Viable projects are then launched for investment interests from our community of investors and interested parties.

Management & Returns

We finally manage the investment portfolio against potential risks to guarantee recovery of the investment and projected returns on investment for the investor.

Capital funding for Real Estate Developers:

Feasibility & Capital Structuring

All Projects go through the process of Feasibility studies, Market research, and Capital structuring to determine viability, finance deficit, and cost of finance to allow decision making and risks management.

Launch for Funding Interests

Viable projects are then launched for funding and financing interest from our community of financiers and investors.

Implementation & Returns

The investment project then goes to implementation stage for Project Management, Financial Management, and Market disposal to realize projected value and return on investment for both the Developer and Financier.