Project Overview




Medical Facility

Feature Details

Cancer Center




The proposed project entail the setting up of a Cancer Treatment and Care Center.

The Facility will serve as both inpatient and outpatient modern hospital with the following characteristics:

a) 35 Bed acute care healthcare facility with specialty services.

b) Full outpatient department, and primary care services.

c) State of the art radiology imaging center

d) Day Care center with 120 patient capacity for radiotherapy.

e) Day Care center with 50 patient capacity for chemotherapy.

f) Ambulance and emergency services.

g) State of the art medical equipment.






Investment Plan & Details

Capital Structure

Project Cost


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Offering Type

Offering Type


Project Type

Medical Facility

Return on Investment

Investor Returns(IRR)

35% p.a.

Equity Multiple


Monthly Income


Payback Period


Investment Hold Period

Targeted Hold Period

6 Years

Inception Date


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